My most thoughtful Xanga comment ever

      I’m in tears. For the rest of my life I’ll never think about footwear without remembering the time and effort an anonymous guy or gal named, modestly g1827 spent composing this comment (below) on yesterday’s ‘Gnutrino’ post. Never mind that it has zilch to do with the topic. What’s a dumb sub-atomic particle worth anyway, compared to this heartfelt gift?
I’ll let the Readers appreciate the text, and my thoughts (in red) as I read it, becoming more overcome with emotion with every line:

“The quantity of days perhaps you have noticed your toes had been miserable from the shoes or boots you have put on?
{Yes, truly a non-trivial quantity, as we mathematicians put it. And ‘miserable? I have indeed taken to calling my feet ‘Les Miserables’ lately.}
The quantity of days perhaps you have were required to drench your toes right after putting on an awfully uneasy boot?
 {Ah,‘ drenching’. If it only worked as advertised. Before today I’d reconciled to probably wearing my ‘uneasy’ boots unto my ‘unquiet grave,} 
Most certainly women’s check simply no additional with the option is here plus it will come beneath manufacturer T boots?
{Have to differ with ya there, bro. Women’s check, in my experience, does often come with an ‘additional, but why nit-pick?}
Inside several models which range from bridal flowers printing to make sure you gorgeous leather-based, most of these residences try to make your toes seem like that you’ve completed all of them a massive like.mbt shoes ,
{Right on. The bridal flower motif shoulda worked its magic, but no luck. I’m on pins and needles now. Do go on.}
Simply consider the particular HB Deep blue Inflammed Trainer.moncler weste , The application evokes the look about ease andcomfort as well as reliability and will become put on since constantly to religious organization as it might into a supper party.
{Oy, a way with words you have, Sir or Madame. And what good is a shoe, religious or secular, which is not ‘become put on’? Never looked at it that way.}
Should you become out of the house more frequently yet can’t stand in order to cramp an individual straight into a past, smelly sneaker?
{Yup, that’s me to a ‘T’. trying to cramp them damn individuals whom I can’t stand into the past.So, shoes are the answer, you say?}
Look at the actual HB African american Running shoe 237. Through only 1 check you are able to notify it is the ideal match regarding walking throughout the playground and window searching around.
{Bingo. And I’d thought dumbly to stick with my Italian fence-climbers with the pointy toes. I’m sold already, and we needn’t discuss pedophilia or voyeurism. Expect a check in the mail for a couple dozen pair of ‘237’s What I do with ’em is my business, right?}} 
You could start to provide the HB Black color Suede Running shoes 201 a go? There’re since breathable because they usually are more comfortable. HB athletic shoes provide you with each feasible set of sneakers you’ll need for virtually every celebration you can actually come up with.
 {Hell, I feel like celebrating already! Who’da thought I could come up with something feasible right here on Xanga?}

HB young ladies shoes or boots certainly are a required product or service for virtually every girl that beliefs a powerful footwear for women which will looks just like the idea supports. HB shoes or boots provides you with the obviously outlined and also dependable houses designed for tired foot which can be tired with hard stiletto heel shoes but they also even so support the lovely pattern which usually virtually any young lady would love to have. HB young ladies shoes or boots possess this type of vast choice of boot designs in which possibly even in case you wanted yet another wide range stiletto heel shoes; a person pleased to see answers to that cramping pains and also unpleasant versions by means of other sorts of manufacturers.
{Perfect! My young virtual ladies are all powerful, and so we have here a perfect fit. And stilleto? I may need restraints.}

HB Shoes and boots provides flower, brown leafy leather-based, black color leather-based, merged coloured leathers, suede within the diverse vary as well as various other unheard of types that can definitely come across their particular method directly into each individual woman’s sneaker carrier.
{Wow, that’s some heavy organic unheard-of styling.}
HB sneakers would be the great organization you might have become waiting giving you solutions within the critical pair of shoes to produce everyone easy when you are away from home.
{Man, you read my mind. I die every day from the effort to produce easy. And here I finally found the right organization.} 
How might you deposit all the ease and comfort as well as wonderful rates associated with HB Shoes or boots for virtually every several other product which may almost certainly result in very seriously wounding your shoe subsequently after getting damaged for the purpose of days or weeks at any given time?
{Great question. Yeah, wounded shoes gather no moss, as the saying goes.}
It’s not possible to none in the event you deposit that fabulous and also practical patterns on the HB girls footwear assortment. There’re geared towards eliminating always be used and as you are requiring a set of shoes or boots intended to withstand the examination of energy equally well mainly because they might impress your pals within whatever function, HB Shoes or boots produces precisely what thinking of.
{Amazing. That’s me in a nutshell. What you said.}

Proceed outside the time connected with irritating, stuffy footwear in which get away from your toes through anguish subsequently after simply several hours involving sporting all of them.
{I think I love you. Getting away from my toes has always been , you know, a dream of mine.}
Investigate HB girls shoes and boots for the purpose of cool solutions which are secure, sturdy, stylish and as well affordable. If it is time for you to redefine oneself, begin from the ground upwards having HB trainers.
{No need to add a word. Today will be the first day of the rest of my life, redefined by your incalculable prescience in sending me this personal message. Thank you from the bottom of my feet.}

I must point out that 95% of the sweet comments I receive here move me deeply. Just that this one moved me somewhere I’d never been. Now to try on these new shoes…


8 thoughts on “My most thoughtful Xanga comment ever

  1. MelFamy

    When I was four, I got a pair of Keds after seeing my favorite clown TV host declare between cartoons that wearing them would make me run faster. After putting them on, I went out on the sidewalk and taunted a girl who had always been able to catch me, but now she couldn’t. I out ran her like I had sprouted wings because I believed the clown’s crap.

  2. scifiknitter

    It’s so sad that there is no way to turn you loose on the comment spammer to make comments on THEIR blog. I’d love to see you unleashed to spread your particular wisdom all over the Internet, weaving nets of silliness around trolls taking themselves seriously. Not enough hours in the day, you say? I think you have a point there.

  3. jsolberg

    @scifiknitter –  You are correct, time is short, yet I’d still love to figure out what original language this word-salad was Babel-Fished out of. Japanese and Mandarin are great contenders for fractured prose, but I have no prime suspect. Busy trying not to wound my inflamed religious African-American 237s.

  4. Roadkill_Spatula

    HB shoes or boots provides you with the obviously outlined and also dependable houses I want one of those houses. I’m tired of the vaguely fuzzy and nondependable houses we get around here.


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