Nu, nu, nu, Moti !

     It’s been known about in tight circles for 30 years or so; the existence of yet another neutrino, the fourth to be discovered, after the electron, muon, and tau ‘flavours, and named the ‘gnuon’, after its associated ‘particle’ 
‘Who ordered this shit?!’ has never been more appropriate than in the case of the ‘gnuon’, (Vgn) which, unlike its featherweight brothers carries a sizable rest mass. (on the order of 268.017 kilograms!) It moves in a vacuum (but not for very long) at velocities up to 17.7 meters/sec. (40 miles a hour for you stuck-in-the-mud types) Strongly interacting with matter, (oddly, for a neutral lepton,) the ‘gnuon’ makes cosmic detritus out of any enclosure one is brash enough construct to enclose it. Yet it can be constrained (like the American Bison, about which the owner’s manual dryly states ‘…this animal will stay inside any fence it feels like staying inside of…’
Anyway, our Israeli possibly well-meaning whistle-blower/traitor, Mordecai Va’anunu, working at the Dimona nuclear research site in the Negev desert, {sources have revealed to this writer}, was aware of this dangerous novelty being occasionally spit out in experiments with Tritium decay products. And it was for this reason, and not the open secrets he in fact revealed, that his little Show ‘n Tell episode with the British tabloid ‘Sunday Times’ needed to be nipped in the bud sooner rather than later. Thanks, Cindy, now go take a shower and try to forget about it.
I myself am risking  personal freedom by stating out loud, here on an uncensored Xanga, that:
“Va’anunu knew new ‘gnu’ neutrinos were being created”.
There, I said it and I’m glad. Give me a call, Cindy. And don’t bank on subduing me before the grand climax this time.


14 thoughts on “Nu, nu, nu, Moti !

  1. jsolberg

    @HappierHeathen – Ah, comments where I’d have to Google three(3) or more words or acronyms… GNU the flesh ‘n blood Beast is already banished to page 2 of search results by the (at least charmingly-named) op sys. Modern times.

  2. an_OM_aly

    I knew that you’d have neutrinos on the brain, but only Va’anunu knew new gnu neutrinos were what you knew after he leaked the news.But what really tripped me out was our mutual word of the day: tritium.Glow on, even tho it s/b green.

  3. q1827

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  4. Lovegrove

    I figure the Gnu flavour won’t catch on. For my own case, I much prefer ham on my pizzas. Gnu, cheese and chorizo just sounds too unHalal even for this gentile subject of Her Madge.

  5. Lovegrove

    I figure the Gnu flavour won’t catch on. For my own case, I much prefer ham on my pizzas. Gnu, cheese and chorizo just sounds too unHalal even for this gentile subject of Her Madge.

  6. wulfcry

    Has the ring of a Rap formation instead of science discovery.Lets hear this….G-nuon yeah yeah.. G-nuon…. Nope thats not it.I’m curious in how it was created?.


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