Gaddafi is probably in there too

Hey, I just shot a bunch of quick photos of my legumes, thinking to illustrate the challenge of not missing ’em in the underbrush, the fog of battle, you know, the general confusion….
But then:  Look what I found on Pix # 9!

Here, I cheated for you and labeled the big boy, whom I  missed twice, in two passes. He’s the mature guy in the center; all the rest are tomorrow’s lubias.
But who’s that hiding behind a leaf below? Just waiting to quietly laugh at me, a muffled ‘Duh, Solberg must be blind!’
He looks like a ‘common least panda’ to me, but I need to Google that.
Plus keep my eyes out for anyone else hiding in the vines.


17 thoughts on “Gaddafi is probably in there too

  1. jsolberg

    @seedsower – Ha, now I feel better; two humans at least, against the bean forces. (I go around with just the cutest basket with a rainbow handle an’ everything. Oughta dress up for the job, but they called my impromptu tutu too Teutonic, and it’s all I got that goes with green.

  2. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – Interesting; just yesterday I added ‘carpenter bee’ to my lengthening list of active pollinators. prettiest one is an azure ‘hairstreak’ family butterfly, whose numbers have gone viral here since flowers appeared.(Of course the pygmy pandas do their share, I now know.)

  3. MelFamy

    I don’t know what you call them, but I didn’t get one dang tomato this year because of them. Each one was hollowed out and being used as living quarters, although my Biggest and Bestest Boy seemed to be a clubhouse or something, flashing lights and electronic noise emanated from it night and day right up to the morning the strange circle appeared on our chia pet’s head, and the critters disappeared.

  4. jsolberg

    @MelFamy – yes, you should see what they can do to a nest of chicken eggs(!). This one’s name is Arty Fakt, I’ve ascertained, and he’s one of the ringleaders, in charge of felicitous camera angles, something like that.

  5. gnostic1

    1) The Mossad heard about your plot hatching (code name: Butterfly Freedom) and decided to plant a bug in your garden rather than leave you aloen. I had the same trouble when I tried to get my corns to form a stem cell. The RCMP waterboarded my lettuce until their heads were soggy and threatened to render my pig. (My spinach had already suffered rendition unto Caesar salad). I suspect that I had a leek.2) Initially I thought your photo showed a row of corn: because I saw the yellow Col.. 


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