Flowers for OBL

Don’t panic; ‘OBL’ is, and was, (long before the current infamous Slain Beast who usurped her name),
‘Ordinaria been Louden’, aka Ordinary-but Loud,  an always captivating writer and positive presence on
I’d asked publicly here ‘for whom the cacti bloom?” a few days ago, and now the mystery seems to
have been solved! OBL’s birthday is tomorrow, 5 May, and my fervent succulents must’ve sensed it
hanging in the air.
Gaze at the photo, y’all. Prettier than any Pentagon exit/entrance wounds by a wide margin. God kinda knows what he’s doing, in the long run, it turns out.
But how did the eye-less ear-less prickly guys know it was her birthday? Probably thru spy-satelite
intercepts, but I’ll get our own spooks on it right away. We’re not too shabby on remote ops ourselves,
if I may boast a bit.


26 thoughts on “Flowers for OBL

  1. scifiknitter

    Gorgeous! What a lucky person, to have blooming cactus and Mexican food for her birthday celebration.Plants indeed have their own schedules. It’s very wet and very gray here, but the leaves are budding and the ferns unrolling even as I type. They cannot be held back.

  2. jsolberg

    @scifiknitter – Yes, nature will out. Having attributed the previous mass synchronized bloom to my own birthday I naturally sought the divine source of this truly stunning sudden burst of colour. I’ll pray daily for warm in the upstate:)

  3. jsolberg

    @POETIC_ISIS – Hmm.. I was kinda counting on *you* to explain to me on a deep level ‘why they do that’. They’re gorgeous, probably even to aliens without our acquired ideas on beauty. Symmetry, purity of light spectrum, relative rarity, at least temporal. And I think Fibonacci is in there to boot, although I haven’t counted.

  4. ordinarybutloud

    They’re beautiful!!!! What a great birthday present. I am amazed! I’ve never seen cacti bloom in concert before. so lovely. Thanks for posting them for my birthday.

  5. jsolberg

    @DEISENBERG – Well, except for Sagauro)sp?) and certain San Pedros, I consider the cactus “un-armed but dangerous”. Something in the spines refuse to heal quickly. Hey, it wouldnt be the first species which is beautiful but deadly.

  6. jsolberg

    @seedsower –  Yes it was fun, the blessed coincidence. Couldn’t have happened to a sweeter soul. (Except that you are obviously next in line. Birthdate?/ And I haven’t yet updated the Mystery of the Limas. Every morning I find a particular small beetle on them, one I called when I was little ‘plum curcurlique’. He looks like a miniature skid-loader with a long nose attached in front. Cute, but maybe guilty.

  7. jsolberg

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – A thought-inspiring reflection, evil and beauty. Homo sapiens went from his own spines (spears and swords) to Hiroshima and beyond. So I suppose I view cacti as simple ‘fit survivors’, by any means possible. More fun is the question: ‘Why so absurdly pretty, the flowers?’ Their polinators would have settled for drab colours, I assume. Thanks for your comment.


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