“Pix from, like, an Expedition”

I think that’s the name of the tune. Anyway, after the miraculous down-to-the-wire bloom two weeks ago
at midnight on my birthday, I now have yet another batch of synchronized cacti. But for whom? No one I
can think of off-hand. Looks like a May 1 launch date. Flowers for the un-sung worker in chains? I
may have to visit all my subs to, you know, slyly check their birthdays. One of you dear souls
apparently has a cosmic present awaiting delivery.

I’m troubled by screaming sunsets like this one frequently. The blues and reds remind me of Van
Gogh. Wait, I said ‘troubled’. Make that Eric Mensch.

Finally, who’s eating Beth Seedsower’s Limas? I can’t catch the demons in the act, but most of the
leaves look like they’ve been snipped around the edges with pinking-shears. I researched snails. They
get some fairly strong criticism on the garden forums, but I have yet to see one taking a bite out of anything, even though I have probably the population of the Indian sub-continent crawling all
over my garden. As with the cacti, I’ll let readers know if I find the smoking gun. Might expedite the process tonight with a beer and a flashlight…


14 thoughts on ““Pix from, like, an Expedition”


    What about cats? Cats are probably more destructive than what is pictured on your leaves. I have a dozen fresh ivory roses, and the cats cannot be distracted by even catnip!May Day Cacti! Yay! 🙂

  2. jsolberg

    @POETIC_ISIS – I ruled out feline intervention, the leaves affected being too high on the vine for cats without choppers. As planned, I borrowed just now a super-flashlight and a couple beers. Ok, the beer I needn’t return. The net says it’s great snail-bait, just in case. Cat’s love roses? I have jasmine that smells like tuna. We’ll see if kitty eats it.

  3. rubys_garden

    sorry about the pics, Yonatan,I don’t have all night…they won’t load, and I regret not being able to see them. I’ll try again tomorrow. I hope you had a happy birthday, whatever that means…that we are content with who we are, or that we struggle against that content to become greater than we are, better humans, mindfull, fully conscious and aware that we have our death as our advisor…which is both humbling and lights a fire under our ass. Be well, feel the heat.

  4. seedsower

    They do look like pinking sheers wee used on them…did your mom use them when you were a kid? My mom had a pair and we so wanted to use it for paper and she said “no can do” but she found a pair at the goodwill for us.DO you need more Lima seeds?<3

  5. jsolberg

    @seedsower – Yes, I coveted pinking shears from the moment I saw ’em. / In the end I got 5 out of 7 I planted; not too bad. Do wish I’d stuffed my pockets, but then I might have been stopped at customs, even with my clearance. One of the limas is a real ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. He’d go to 30′ if I had a pole to climb on.

  6. jsolberg

    @HappierHeathen – Nope, no evidence on the ground. I’m starting to actually suspect a night-time vandal with a distorted sense of humour, ha. Since it’s not an on-going attack, but a one-off. A Peruvian exile of Incan-descent, following his lights?

  7. jsolberg

    @rubys_garden – It’s ok, dear. They don’t always load for me either, ha. (I get a blank and a little box, upper left.) Just checked your weather. Hmm.. mine is hotter, but still, looks like spring. Thanks for your reflections.

  8. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – Yes, it’s confusing every time, seeing a flower which fairly screams ‘Pollinate me, and do it hard!’ emerging from a protuberance so…um… so dick-like. Moral: guess I need to work on my own sensitive, caring, intuitive female aspect. ‘J’ is for Janus

  9. MelFamy

    RE: the cactiMaybe cacti, like dogs, take after their masters. So I have to ask, do you lean the same way as your buds on this topic?

  10. jsolberg

    @MelFamy – I’ll get out of that by pointing out their helio-trophic bent. I also turn toward the Sun, warm bodies, and, oh, shiny objects, in lieu of the previous options. in fact, I may well be here in the Levant because of repeatedly waking up aimed Eastward. it was the first land-fall East of Philadelphia. (Must’ve slept through the Azores)


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