Gangway for a catamaran!

I dreamed I was a moron
In camouflague maroon
I dreamed there was a war on
To fight the Great Baboon

We scaled moraines and mountains
Maureen was at my side;
(a Marin County ex-Marine;
She’s skilled in simia-cide)

We traded Myron Cohen jokes
Till both our eyes were red…
Murine, then more ‘n more rapport
We poured ourselves to bed

But Ethics kept us up all night
Discussing Wrong and Right:
To scald the un-schooled thick-skulled Foe
It’s not a pleasant sight

Still, dreams exist to stir the soup
‘Too old!’, ‘Too cold!’, they scold
This-was ‘M-R-N’, ‘S-K-L-D’
And the Gold I’m told they hold

Wu: Whatever could you be talking about?
Me: Oh, the usual… searching for the tie what binds them-there consonants together in English vocab.
Wu: You don’t sleep well at night, do you?
Me: Um.. define ‘well’
Wu: You never just dream about, like, pussy-cats playing in a sun-drenched field?
Me: Kinda. I mean, sure. Kittens in cottons playing in the lab with ketones and cations, cuttin’ up molecules… It’s like a synthesis…
Wu: Yer Momma’s a synthesis.


22 thoughts on “Gangway for a catamaran!

  1. jsolberg

    @rubys_garden – Aww, not a lot of clever in this poem. The monkey just appears near the start ’cause he rhymes with ‘maroon’, sort-of. Luckily, he uses up -skulled and -schooled. This is what I dream about, mainly, and probably because hebrew has so few vowel choices.

  2. Roadkill_Spatula

    A murrain upon thy so-called philology, varlet! Fie! I scold thee! Thou shalt mourn the morn of thy marination. Love, Marnie.MelFamy called me a maroon the other day when I trolled his chatroom post.You could put Chomsky out of business if you start applying triliteral roots to English. And it would prove Herbert W. Armstrong right; the British are indeed among the Ten Lost Tribes.

  3. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – Captivating to awaken to read your warning, Marnie (I know that name?)Yeah, I’d put the Brits on the list of Top Ten Lost Tribes, “No-‘M’ Chopsky aside.Astute of you to capture what my battle-plan is here. We’ll get to the damn Ur-language by hook, crook, or, with Mel at the helm, catamaran.

  4. jsolberg

    @POETIC_ISIS – I’m holding my globe in hand, trying to figure out when is morning in FL for the ump-teenth freaking time.Anyway, so glad you liked it. Have a sweet Saturday; I’m already a beer-and-a-half into the event/ ♥ js

  5. MelFamy

    Miss Marple’s marsupial loved marzipan,Poirot’s panda preferred flan, Bobbies, I bet, buy budgies as petsBecause boas in Britain are banned

  6. jsolberg

    @elgan – It’s ok, dear. Our unit of irregulars, constipated aa the ‘Fighting 209th Scopes Gang’ purposely misspells words to avoid NSA monitors, But when this blows over, I’ll gladly change it♥


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