A couple Pictures, each worth 1/1000th of a word.

Yes I dreamed I became stupid again last night. Too much reading Top Blogs and musing on ‘There but for Fortune go I’. I guess my Inna-kinna™ (inner child) wants to know what it would feel like to click ‘Submit’ on a post titled: “Its alwas been their, your just not use to it yet; My worse Xanga Nightmare.”
Anyway, I’z in the hobby butterfly-rearing bizness. Every morning another dozen goddamn yellow flying-machines what I gotta help ’em dry their new wings and take flight. ‘Think globular, act loco,’, that’s the
mantra, right? It’s working. Even the brain-dead in my neighborhood are stopping me on the street lately to ask “How’s come the joint is like, full of butterflies these past few weeks?” I shrug. It’s a secret.

Meanwhile roofs need built.
You’ll need to scope out the job-site:

Stock tools and basic foodstuffs:

And a small dependable car you put gas in every month or so. (At $8 a gallon)

So far, I have most of the rafters in place: Update as soon as it’s finished.

Oh, and you’ll need a bloke with an IDF Golani hat and a willingness to suffer in 100 degree heat and 100%
humidity. (Best bet, hire someone who really needs the cash.)

All the while, my tomatoes gaily acquire ‘The Blight’. A virus, spread by Whiteflies, which routinely destroys
whole fields here and, I suspect, in other parts of the world. It’s an open question whether carrying ten
gallons of water in buckets every day for two months will pay off in the end. Recipes for green tomatos,

Wu: Wait, I didn’t get to listen to the song from the last post yet…
Me: It’s there whenever you get a chance. I’d be thrilled. That’s why I uploaded it. Already got two nice
compliments. That’s more than on an off night at the Dew Drop Inn.


28 thoughts on “A couple Pictures, each worth 1/1000th of a word.

  1. AOK4WAY

    @Lovegrove – Shouldn’t have to worry about it while they’re young. Buttermilk should do it Love the view from the rook J! Weird, but I feel like I’ve been there before and seen that view before. I dunno, prolly just my groovy shower curtain and some funky mushrooms I ate when I was a kid. That butterfly is gorgeous, what kind is it?

  2. Roadkill_Spatula

    My bro-in-law once told me that tobacco ashes diluted in water make an effective insecticide spray for tomatoes. I suspect it might increase the nicotine level of your salad as well, but I’d rather ingest that than Sevin. Insecticides and butterflies don’t mix well, though, so I guess your dilemma continues.Cinder blocks and concrete slabs… Standard building materials in Latin America, where I could afford to pay other people to do that sort of thing for me. I’ve avoided masonry here, except for the odd fence footing or sidewalk repair after replacing a water line (the neighborhood where my ex owns rentals was mostly plumbed with Pex in 1978 or so, curse the idiot Fox & Jacobs architect).If I ever make my pilgrimage to the Holy Land I will certainly plan a few days to work with you. I’m interested in trying that kosher beer, too.

  3. elgan

    Green tomato chutney. I had to make an emergency batch after we got an early frost and I ran out to harvest the little green globes before the sun melted the ice off them. Ask for the recipe, and ye shall receive.

  4. jsolberg

    @Lovegrove –  I leave the adults to fend for themselves. Rumour has it that honey-in water is an acceptable elixir; they “can’t believe it’s not butter!” (From an old US ad campaign for margarine) And yes, my next step is to feed and amuse the adults, watch them copulate, whatever…

  5. jsolberg

    @AOK4WAY –  Alkaloids will do that: I’m familiar with the primeval jungle on the strength of morning glory seeds.The butterfly is a local variant of the tiger swallowtail, and named in latin after syria, where I assume they no longer care to live or survive. Flying about dressed in black amid horrific pollution, you know.

  6. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – We’d have a break-neck schedule if you chanced to visit, my friend. btw, tobacco carries the tobacco-mosaic virus, which is why I try not to smoke around tomatos, on good advice. Yes we build to 13th century standards around here. The ’67 war poured thousands of cheap but dinosaur labourers into the job market, and any attempt at that critical time to advance to modern methods was doomed, economically. My whole house is Pex, btw. Over the years, dirt fills the leaks, kinda, ha

  7. Lovegrove

    thanks for the tip.” I’ll try the honey water. With my luck though, I’ll probably be visited by the local wasp horde, out to pillage and burn they way across the Steppes.The advert is well known in Engerlandland.The impliation is that you do though, care for the cocoons. You’re not doing a Buffalo Bill on everyone are you, over there in Israel/Palestine/51st stateland? Oh, it cannot be the 51st state, England is that.


    Did I leave an earlier footprint? I first saw your article on my cell phone and must have left my finger on the photo of you a little too long. It’s click sensitive. 🙂 (btw, the butterfly is so beautiful I thought it was a fake the other day when you posted a photo of one). I’m glad you’re posting.

  9. jsolberg

    @POETIC_ISIS – Everything looks realer than life on a phone-screen. The damn critters are everywhere, in my hair, landing on my butt when I sleep. Still I love ’em. They’d be crow-bait w/o me and they know it.

  10. jsolberg

    @Lovegrove – Nope. I have ‘group-photos’ with me and the kids. As to statehood, the shekel’s been eating the dollar and Euro without salt or pepper now for months. Plus real-estate value is climbing at 13% a year. Not to mention 51 being a shitty number to put stars on a flag with. Three rows of seven-teen, ugh

  11. Lovegrove

    @jsolberg – England is a candidate too so that would be 52. Oh bugger. That would be four rows of 13. 13 being a baker’s dozen, maybe the flag could be changed to four loafs of bread, or is that idea half-baked?

  12. Roadkill_Spatula

    I can see tile roofs in the distance. Haven’t messed with tiles since 1972 when we were remodeling our old house in Colombia. I suppose you have to deck with something more substantial than 7/16″ OSB. What do you use, 3/4″ plywood? I can’t believe I lived half my life in Latin America and never owned a hammer drill until a few years ago! Hanging pictures and curtains and so forth was a real pain with cinderblock or brick walls. I recognize your Bosch drill, but can’t figure out the brand of your circular saw. That masonry looks really solid; do you have earthquakes over there? In Costa Rica the building code was supposed to withstand an 8.0 tremor: poured corners, poured columns every so many meters, rod every 40 cm (I think), and so forth. In Medellín, I saw all kinds of stuff: a three-story house built entirely of brick (no columns at all), a house built mostly of poured concrete, the circa-1920 adobe house we lived in…The occasional tremors were mild.Pex is a hot item again, even on This Old House and suchlike. I’ll never voluntarily install it. Copper’s the way to go, or at least PVC.

  13. jsolberg

    @andyglasser – I’m not sure how to ‘sex’ this particular species. The pictured individual might be either, or both; I know? I treat ’em all as female, for some deep but poorly-understood reason. As to the car, even hitch-hikers often put thumbs-down when I pass them. Probably uncertain if we’ll get to the destination alive.Thanks for the comment, Andy


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