You’re so smart: You tell *me* what’s happening here

     Another ‘I have sinned’. Richard Tater (R. Idaho), ex-refrigerator-magnate turned corporate spud-‘farmer’, lured into ‘Public Service’ as State representative. Lasted two terms until this story broke…and broke his ostensibly clean Mr. Potato Head® image right down the middle, plastic nose and ears being fought over as souvenirs by Boise cub-reporters.
     What is it about politics that attracts men with the moral compass of rabbits in heat? Perhaps we should actively consider going back to the court-eunuch system. A figure-head Queen; (she needn’t be ‘hot’, and a retinue of ball-less pure-of-hearts working tirelessly on the managing of public affairs. I know, they would probably form Platonic relationships to the detriment of the commonweal. So scratch ‘castrati’. Sorry, bad idea; An army of Vienna Choir-boys falsetto-izing sensitive documents.

   Anyway, this is not the Question of the Day for this entry.
The truly-gripping question is whether English vocabulary was created pretty much at random, or conversely, was subliminally guided by deep phoneme archetypes. Such that a fellow by the name of ‘Tater’ had basically no fighting chance of being  the next Strom Thurmond.
    Read the poem and decide. I’m open to the theory that, as was ‘explained’ to me ten minutes ago by a  yarmulked true-believer window-installer: ‘Everything is determined by ‘Ha-Shem’, (aka ‘G-d’ in Heaven.)
The ‘evidence’ is indisputable:
Totter (didn’t rhyme)
Tutor/ Tudor
Oh, and ‘Stutter’. (God moves in mysterious ways.)
All I done was to assemble the facts and make them rhyme. The academic conclusion is anyone’s guess.


Richard ‘Dick’  Tater’s career is in tatters       
It teeters on the knife-edge of ‘family matters’

For ‘tighter’ he fell for his own baby-sitter      
Whose story (and tits) now have Twitter™ a-titter

He thought that he’d taught her the Art of discretion
But it seems Dick’s the one who’s now learning a lesson

His wife gets the keys to their Tudor Mac-Mansion
That’s only the start, till the judge signs the sanction

Oh and Debbie’s been busy making hay, bread, and butter
Dicky pays for her tutor; oops, she’s started to stutter


19 thoughts on “You’re so smart: You tell *me* what’s happening here

  1. Jaynebug

    What is it about us that makes us think that politicians are above all forms of human behavior? Aren’t most of them lawyers first?  It just comes with the territory I suppose. Your poem however made me laugh and life is pleasnt with lots of laughter.  Window installer?  If only we knew how little a job made the man, eh? Hmmmmm. (toothy smile)

  2. jsolberg

    @Jaynebug – He somehow found a connection between remotely-actuated blinds and the lord above. They do that, and I found it in my heart to bless his insightfulness, if only to un-ruffle feathers. I also ‘amen-ed’ the blessing on the coffee. Who knows, it might have been less tasty without a prayer.


    You want smart? Don’t look to me though I did try. I can’t even see when a poem is an acrostic (see godfatherofgreenbay). I can see you used the word stutter which I used in an article a couple of days ago. I doubt you read it, but here’s the background: I’m basically an envelope stuffer (sounds awful in context of the Swaggart thing — stuffer and licker, ick) grunt where I work, but every time I turn around I’m told to start up a business. Wayyy beyond my credentials (and skills), though I somehow manage to make it work regardless of not knowing the lingo (maybe the envelopes are practice?) and stuttering to make sense to hot shots. Everyone was nice even though I must have sounded like an idiot. So, I tell godfatherofgreenbay it feels like “unhooking” (which is a better word for a prostitute if you think about it). So that’s all I can figure who Debbie is (she was Swaggarts prostitute). Other than that I don’t get any allusions to politics (except that’s what business seems to be). Who is Tater? Oh, but I was drawn, after reading your article, to Richard Taylor who was a bee keeper, according to WIKI, and something about virtue ethics. If I twist hard enough, something could fit. Sorry the comment is not short and poetic, and I’ve probably even forgotten to mention other things, too!

  4. gnostic1

    Tut-tut! “Refrigerator-magnate” , “falsetto-izing” – this is deep-fried golden and just thrown in casually for fill.  Well done.Did his wife have green eyes? Was he kicked out of the tubernatorial mansion?


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