Dumb Fact Number Twenty

20) I still feel a little queasy  having allowed myself the banal luxury of a simple prosaic post (below). Took twenty minutes, but it’s ‘Not my style’. I realized a few days ago that I’m doing something with Xanga that no one else to my limited knowledge is doing: writing and publishing,  nightly, tightly-worded creative fictions dumb-stuff.’ It’s only a test. I’m trying to determine what fraction of readers ‘get’ any of the jokes. I need this information to continue with my work here in the lab. A dozen or so readers are on my growing short-list, along with my undying gratitude. Thanks for being born…. ‘sharp’.  This is not said to equate, say, fascination with RACECAR, in all its palindromic glory, with brute intelligence. (Although I do consider my coming up with “NOT WE NOT WE, NEGRO ‘G’, DIRT UP ANI’S EVIL BUT TANGY GNAT TUB, LIVES IN A PUTRID GORGE, NEW TO NEWTON.” to be my single greatest lifetime achievement.)  Sounds better in the five-part harmony version I recorded, but nobody’s got headphones nowadays.

    Anyway, I guess my site’s just an IQ test, even though I wasn’t aware of that for the first couple years.
People hit it at random sometimes. Most of ’em run away with their tongues hanging out. I wish they’d stayed longer. I’m really trying to make it worth the effort. -js-


13 thoughts on “Dumb Fact Number Twenty

  1. Smarticus

    your iq test must needs be more selective! notice i keep haning on your every word.i liked your prosaic post. it’s enjoyable to get a glimpse of the man behind the curtain.

  2. elgan

    I cannot craft palindromes, either.  I have tried, and failed.  I am better with different kinds of word play, but that doesn’t mean you should stop on my account.  Carry on!

  3. jsolberg

    @DEISENBERG – Yes of course, Dies. To me, half the fun is in watching a poor soul (me) struggling to make use of what landed on my desk that day. Plus I only play with them when I’m trying to keep my mind off of.. oh, bank collapses, VP candidates who should be institutionalized… stuff like that.


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