Family discussion

A whole bevy of us, huh? You bet. The lower three were shot one day in June of ’52,
back when my Grandfather was about my age. No one was injured. Confused? So am I…


.. The debate continues…and these three are (half) my fault: Captions?.


ADD: Thanks to a nice talk with one of my precocious nephews I may just have The Clue as to why the Xangalumpen whose adoration I so misguidedly crave here fail day after day to show their faces. They’re scared. They “know something’s happening, but they don’t know what it is“, as Dylan said. Faced with tongue-in-cheek creative pieces, they fear looking foolish and therfore abstain from commenting. Oh well…
   In my too-intensive travels I’ve discovered many other writers who just pour out the juice to zero acclaim. It’s almost the rule, actually. I make a point of giving feedback on almost every post they write. Probably hold the Xanga record for being the only commenter on more sites than any one else.
But back to the hordes of stay-aways. I wouldn’t think one would have to be too brave to toss out, for example, “Oh no, more Solbergs!” or something even less charitable on this little photo-essay… And it’s been viewed, in theory at least, by a hundred or so subs.Unless they really are dead, God-forbid. I really can’t have it both ways, it seems, and so I’ll trudge on with my attempt to sell sophisticated soap to the great un-washed. Not a lot of money in it, I’ll admit. (See Banner). And sincere thanks to the personable souls who do take the time to read and comment


15 thoughts on “Family discussion

  1. elgan

    My mother-in-law would call it a “Rogues’ Gallery”. You all bear a very strong family resemblance to each other, and it’s quite remarkable juxtaposing the photos of your forebears with your own profile picture. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they say, which probably accounts for all the bruises. Or something like that.

  2. Solarhead

    I’ve been wondering … over in Somerset County, NJ, there’s a Solberg Airport (a municipal affair). Perhaps “Solberg” is a bit more common a surname than my own, I have to wonder. No reply is really necessary, I’m just a nosey guy with time on my hands.

  3. jsolberg

    @Solarhead – google it and you get a scandinavian RACECAR driver who stole our name for its cache I suppose, the thieving little palindrome. The’S’  family hometown’s in the Swiss Emmental, no airstrip though, just an unnamed heliport.

  4. changuitoley

    ah mr. solberg, you know that your pictorial work is on a level far superiour to any “weekly world news” photos (or even the doctoring of kim catrels wrinkles in Vogue)!

  5. say_anything52

    I’m not dead yet!And I’d like you to know that I did make the effort to try to come up with something clever, but it just wasn’t happening. You can’t force these things. But I enjoyed looking at the pictures just the same.

  6. mama_jess

    I certainly see a resemblance…right around the ears…
    As for the unworthy masses, they will never “get” it. The koans you offer confuse them, and they flee to the safety of makeup-tutorials and humorous essays on excrement and boobies. Just content yourself with that small feeling of superiority you get when you see the footprints of gawkers who arrive, read, go, “Derrrr…?!” and then run away with tiny brain aches. The air up here is rarefied, and sometimes a bit lonely.

  7. thando_SA

    yes, “God does not play dice [with the universe]”, so AE maintained. thank you for being my only commenter on my blog, of late 🙂

  8. Ipoplikewhitey

    yeah, I wanna disagree with mama jess, but I can’t form an argument cause I’m too busy staring at the words excrement and boobies and laughing at how some fetishists must end up having to take sick days from work.On less abstract/disgusting/unrelated note, judging from your investigative report is clear to anyone that your entire family is black & white. Why do you alone have flesh tone? Is it some sort of genetic disorder?-g.


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