Eureka? …or, ‘my final week, and i spent it nekkid’

Today’s Featured Question is a real toughy; I spent an hour, and I can’t get anywhere universal; I can only flail about. But at least I get credit for the previous Question: “If I knew I ‘only had’ (sic.) one week to live, what would I do?

Answer: Probably try to prove this theorem… after I hunted down the child who wrote the question and explained the difference between “only had a week” and “had only a week“(!) Hint: A guy who ‘only has one week to live’ will have to live without a car, food, beer… oh, and clothes, while we’re stripping him of everything else. 

theer's meerorem



15 thoughts on “Eureka? …or, ‘my final week, and i spent it nekkid’

  1. Solarhead

    Sounds like a good idea to me! The topic raises questions of priorities and what’s important. Keeping body and soul together takes more than most of us realize because we’re so habituated. Knowing tame and date of ones’ End would be pretty liberating, I’d think.


    It really doesn’t matter: in the talmud, one of the Rabbis wrote (at the moment, I can’t remember which one – I think that at my age I’m pretty good to remember it was a Rabbi): Live each day as though it were the last day of your life.”    – The Geezer

  3. jsolberg

    Yes, it would be liberating… for the just a n d  the unjust. I need a sign that says “Today is the (second last) Day of your Life.” I’m sure I’d think “well, there’s always tomorrow”.  //They sure do phrase these fractured questions ‘like there’s no tomorrow’… (or anyone literate reading them.)

  4. Meerness

    Proving any theorem starts with a few healthy examples. ^_^ It’s a lot easier to disprove than it is to prove.If I had only a week of life left, what would I do? I don’t know, ask me in a few days….

  5. jsolberg

    ha, I’ll call in a week. And regards the theorem, (which of course I got inspired/perspired by  from your  post), i can feel in my 207 bones that we need only to prove the circle to be the ‘worst-case’ area, and we’re done; QED, as they say.

  6. jsolberg

    Ha. Now I feel a little better. One of my clients told me yesterday that only last year it was proven that “every back has a front” and this here puzzle is kinda in that league.

  7. elgan

    At any moment, any of us could be struck down by a stray photon (google Schrödinger’s cat, why don’t you?). A week? That’s plenty of time to be forewarned of one’s imminent doom. Crossing any Israeli thoroughfare on foot could result in instantaneous death, and you have no time to prepare. Who asks these questions anyway?


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