“You can leave your hat on”

    One would think that Oliver Sacks’ classic recounting of odd cases of brain dysfunction, “The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” would be immune to the scourge of cheap imitators and profiteers. One would think, but. ‘one would be wrong’ as I love to say, sorry to say.
   A quick look at the list I jotted down at the local mass-market bookstore is enough to prove that while immitation may be a form of flattery, it can also be a source of annoyance… or amusement; I’ll let my dear readers judge the merits of the following offerings:

1) The salesgirl actually confused this one, “The Man who Mistook his Hat for a Wife” by Oliver Secks for the real thing, so similar was its cover art, except for a somewhat furtive looking gentleman kneeling beside a fur hat, saying “ceci est ma femme”. I thought to leaf through it but the pages seemed to be stuck together, so I laid it down, face down, and moved on to:
2) Oliver Sucks: “Only Men, Only Hats” This one had lots of pictures. You don’t wanna know.
3) Oliver Soaks: “The Man who took his Wife and his Hat to the Cleaners”. Another ‘men’s book, I guess in the self-help genre, written by a retired divorce attorney, it claimed to have “over 100 tips for your successful exit strategy“, plus an all-new “laundry made easy” appendix for the newly rich and single. Ugh.
4) Ollie Versache: “Running with Berets” Didn’t know quite what to make of this one. The guy on the cover did look quite fashionable though
5) “The Man who Mistook Miss Tuck for  a Wifi” by Olive R. Sax looked like it might’ve actually been a fun read. Just out in paperback, the blurb called it “torrid, lascivious, and disturbing at once”
6) There was a fluffy kids book, “Ollie’s Silly Hat Tricks” which I bought in the end. Quirky. I’ll have to review it here sometime. Along with my thoughts on the movie re-make I rented at the checkout, “A Man, a Woman, and a Hat” Looks romantic from the picture on the cover; two lovers in the rain, trying to take cover under a too-small fedora on the beach.

Bottom line: Have a pleasant weekend but be wary of imposters. …Oh, and stand by for more in the series, “Matchmaking Math for Party-planners”


10 thoughts on ““You can leave your hat on”

  1. jsolberg

    Ahh. Oliver Socks: “The Man who fabric-softened his Wife”   Thanks, looks like the full listing may be a job for a committee. The chair-person gets to hold ‘Oliver’s Axe’

  2. thando_SA

    Hey js! Thank you for visiting my blog, more especially for your kind comment :)! Quite interesting to learn that people in Israel (of all places) would be discussing SA current affairs. Am very curious to find out which elements those would be…..

  3. jsolberg

    well, thando, the compliments are deserved. And Israel and SA have a fairly interesting history of interactions, we’ll leave it at that. On a personal level, immigrants who came here before the leadership change whom I talk to have mixed feelings; self-determination is obviously an un-arguable good thing, but they hear about the decline in the public safety area and wax pensive. I regrettably  know only the little I read in the papers, which is one reason I subscribed to your site.

  4. elgan

    Oh dear, I almost forgot, I still have the DVD you lent me of The Fifty-foot Miss Whose Tuchas Took Over Manhattan. Is it too late for me to return it without incurring penalty fees?

  5. jsolberg

    ..and el, we all want something… a hat, a wife, book royalties… If we can just conquer desire on the demand-side, we got her licked. I think that was Herr Doctor’s point, but I may just be talking out my hat, lemme check…

  6. jsolberg

    water over the dam.. i been paying fines out the ass for that DVD; kinda got used to it by now. Loved the trick ending though./ Now who else has a Sacks wannabe for our collection?


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