Finally! Sucessful upload!

   Ok, the song whose lyrics appear in the previous post has been accepted by Xanga’s technical automaton. If anyone else has had problems uploading perfectly playable Mp3s, I can only sympathise. There are obviously xangan requirements in the mp3-format which not all encoders fulfill to the letter. I just wish I knew what they were. As it is, I had to just try them all till one worked. This is not the “World of the Future” I dreamed of. When I grew up, we didn’t use anything we couldn’t take apart and put back together, and the owner’s manual/service booklet assumed you’d want to (or need to!). Anyway, enjoy the song; it’s less than three minutes long, although it may not feel that way. I been lately mostly visited by search-engines, so I guess I ought to invite Google, Yahoo, etc. to sing along. I just hope they ‘get’ the point of the song. And anyone who can draw a quick cartoon of me washing tons of dishes for Venus di Milo, sitting on the counter with her new leggies, complete with black lace-up boots, in a black negligee, but still armless (by choice, I mean, she had three wishes) is welcome to. “Mistaken for a hat, but I need the feathers” is a combination of Oliver Sachs and the old joke about the guy who takes his wife to a shrink, claims she thinks she’s a chicken, and when the shrink asks why he didn’t come sooner, replies, “I would have, but we needed the eggs.”  “The lady with the saw” is the magician’s trick of sawing a lady in half on stage. If you opt for the bottom half (as I did), well, you gotta wash your own dishes. Sometimes it’s worth it. And yeah, I know Micheangelo didn’t do Venus.. hey the guy in the song’s not me, he’s “Weird Owl” (backed up by “The Wisemen“). I now return to the grisly business of uploading the rest of his albumen…

-oh yeah, and in the real dream, i was washing dishes for elgan, hence the calorie-chart and the operatic works, etc. Funny how the mind works sometimes…I should really list her in the album credits.


2 thoughts on “Finally! Sucessful upload!

  1. elgan

    I actually got that part, about the calorie chart, I mean. No need to credit me, though; you did the dreaming all by your lonesome. Or did you?P.S. I’ve seen Venus at the Louvre. She’s got legs, they’re just obscured by that excuse for a dress she’s wearing. You want for your cartoon that you should chuck the marble fabric and get her some fishnets?

  2. jsolberg

    credit where credit is due, that’s the rule; I certainly wouldn’t have dreamed of that part without your inspiration… And yes, of course.. I think we’re all waiting for “Elgan, the Cartoon(ist). Fishnets’ll be fine..


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